86- Enhance Your Performance Nutrition with Dr. Geoff Lecovin

86- Enhance Your Performance Nutrition with Dr. Geoff Lecovin

By Bryan Carroll CFMP, NTP, FAFS

October 3, 2019

Performance nutrition, while often considered for athletics, it can also translate into every day scenarios as well.

Such as a CEO of a business needs to be at the top of their game to build and grow a business.

Or a parent who works full time but still wants to have the energy to play with their kids when they get home.

Improving your performance allows you to have that little extra "edge" to get through the tasks that matter most to you.


How to Enhance Your Nutrition For Increased Performance

There are simple ways to enhance your nutrition, and for the record, it doesn't start with supplements.

Dr. Geoff Lecovin creates a pyramid in this episode that walks us through the important layers that can enhance our performance. While most people think supplements are the key, that is actually at the top of the pyramid.

Dr. Geoff has extensive training working with athletes at all levels, and even holds certifications from the International Olympic Committee.

We will dive deep into areas to focus on to increase your performance.

What To Expect From This Episode

  • What does performance nutrition look like
  • How to manipulate macronutrients to improve performance
  • Which layers of health are most important to focus on first
  • Why kids and females may need different plans


  • [2:30] Dr. Geoff Lecovin has done a ton of schooling to be a Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, and Naturopath
  • [7:30] Dr. Geoff was bodybuilding before all of his schooling, and he has applied some of the bodybuilding foundations to the work he currently does
  • [8:45] What defines performance nutrition
  • [10:45] Performance nutrition can be applied in life, careers, and much more than just athletics
  • [12:00] Every single person or athlete has specific goals they want to achieve. How do you start to figure out what they need to perform better
  • [17:15] Are fitness trackers accurate enough to tell us how many calories people are burning throughout the day
  • [19:15] How do you start to break down macronutrient ratios for different sports
  • [22:30] What are some good ways people can increase their protein in their diet
  • [24:00] Do you have to put a lot of focus on micronutrients for performance
  • [29:00] Supplements can be banned in sports, what should athletes be looking for in supplements
  • [30:30] Are there ways to distinguish a good supplement from something not good
  • [37:00] How do fit hydration into the pyramid of performance
  • [38:30] If you are drinking a lot of coffee, does this impact hydration levels
  • [40:00] Would it be best for female athletes to adjust their diet throughout the month to follow their menstrual cycles
  • [42:00] Kids will have different requirements to improve their performance as well
  • [43:00] What are some general considerations for a meal plan for an athlete
  • [45:00] The main piece is to just eat real food and that will be a great start for performance nutrition

Resources From This Episode

Some of these resources may contain affiliate links, which provides a small commission to me (at no extra expense to you).

  • Learn about the International Olympic Committee- Learn More
  • Informed Sport helps to decipher which supplements are okay for sports- Learn More

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Learn More About Dr. Geoff Lecovin

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Dr. Geoff Lecovin teaches us how to create a nutrition plan to improve performance

Dr. Geoff Lecovin teaches us how to create a nutrition plan to improve performance

About the author

Bryan Carroll CFMP, NTP, FAFS

Bryan Carroll is a certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and Movement Therapist who helps the outdoors community to reduce injuries and improve their health so they can get back to exploring nature. His big health crisis from mold exposure taught him the importance of finding the root causes to illnesses so you can take back control of your life. He is also the host of the Summit For Wellness Podcast.

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