Make Lasting Changes To Your Health

let us help you to feel your best and get back to the activities you love 

Nutrition coaching


Avoid all the yo-yo diets and making lasting nutrition changes. It is time to take control of your food.

Making nutrition changes is by far the hardest thing to do. Which is why so many people go on crash diets and then end up falling off the bandwagon. If you are ready to make slow, sustainable changes to your diet, then this is where you want to start!



Training shouldn't be boring, and it shouldn't be miserable. It shouldn't be all about the treadmill and dumbbells. We provide much more.

I will be honest with you, I haven't trained in a gym in years. Why? Because the gym setting is not always necessary in order to achieve results. Results that actually matter, not how much you can deadlift or squat (please tell me when you will ever need to lift 800lbs on your shoulders). We make sure our programs are dedicated to making you better in your daily lives, and your favorite activities.

health Consultations


Want to feel better, live healthier, have more energy, and be excited to be a​​​​​​​​​​live every single day? Me too.

Our approach to wellness takes a look at you as a whole person, not segmented out as someone with "this diagnosis" or "that diagnosis". We look for the root cause of any health ailment, and work to bring the body back into balance.



Tired of battling injuries, not recovering fast enough, and spending so much of your time "hurt"? We can help.

We understand how annoying it is to constantly be in pain. We understand how much you want to recover so you can do the things you love. That is why we help you to recover faster than any other wellness center around. The body moves in all 3 dimensions, and so should your recovery. Recover faster, safer, and more efficiently with our approach.



Curious to see the changes that happen to your body when you are on your health journey?

There is almost always an aesthetic component to someone's health journey. This could be weight loss, or even muscle gain. Regardless, sometimes the scale weight lies about how your body has changed. This 3D Body Scanner not only tracks weight and body fat percentage, but it takes many measurements around your body and overlays each scanned image over itself so you can visually see how your body has changed.