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Fitness Products I Recommend

TRX Suspension Trainer

#1 Option for Body Weight Training

The TRX Suspension Trainer is by far my most favorite piece of equipment out on the market.

It is phenomenal for rehab situations where you need to control movement, or take weight off of certain areas of your body. Plus it can be used by anyone at any level!


#1 Option for Weight Training

If you want to add external weight to your workouts, then the easiest option is to use a set of dumbbells.

These types of dumbbells contain a wide range of weights built into one convenient unit.

*Pro Tip* If you order from Amazon, you won't have to cover shipping costs. Otherwise, 50+lb packages can be very expensive to ship!

Foam Mat

#1 Option for Comfort

This might seem like a weird option, but it is actually one of the favorite items that our clients use.

A foam mat is nice to use when you are down on your hands, knees, or back. The extra comfort helps to prevent your body from getting scraped up, which is a plus.

You would be surprised how many people order these right away because it makes the workouts more enjoyable! There is no need to suffer completely during your workouts.


#1 Option for Cardio Training

Treadmills are a fantastic piece of equipment to improve your cardiovascular system.

Treadmills are pretty versatile, you can run or walk on them, adjust the speed, change incline, and even do some side stepping or backwards running. Most treadmills also are equipped with some suspension so it is relatively low impact on the knees.


#1 Option for Balance Training

Training our balance is one of the most important things we can do, especially the older we get.

BOSUs are a safe way to test your balance. One side is like balancing on a ball, while the other side is flat and allows you to work on control with minor balance tweaks.

This can also be used for upper body exercises, not just balance in the legs!


#1 Option for Recovery

The Hypervolt has been an absolute game changer in our training programs.

This device is a percussion massager with adjustable speeds, which is great for different body types and different pain levels.

It helps to relieve sore muscles and tissues, improves blood and fluid flow into the tissues, and helps with recovery.

nutrition Products I Recommend


#1 Option for Professional-Grade Supplements

Not all supplements are created equally. Professional-Grade supplements use higher quality of raw materials, and actually contain the nutrients the label states (unlike supplements found in stores).

Fullscript is a distributor for professional grade supplements and contains many different brands.


Herbal Support For Bloating and Gas

Atrantil is packed full of polyphenols that help to support the digestive system, reduce gas and bloating, and can even be used for sports performance.

You can save 10% on Atrantil through the button below.

Athletic Greens

Best Greens Powder on the Market

This is our favorite greens powder we have used. It is packed full of 75 whole food ingredients, and helps you to get all of your micronutrient needs.

It blends pretty well into smoothies!


Ayurvedic Herbal and Adrenal Support

HANAH blends superfoods into an Ayurvedic fashion that helps with the natural absorption of the key nutrients in the product. 

It is made from 30 wild-harvested botanicals and is sourced in the most ethical way.

Thrive Market

The Best Health Market

Thrive Market is an online marketplace for healthy food. They have the largest selection of health products available, and all at wholesale pricing!

You can join now and get free shipping on your first order.


High Quality Algae Supplements

Algae is nutrient-dense and is a great addition to your diet. We talk about it alot in Episode 122.

You can get 20% off of your order by using the code SUMMIT.

Detox Products I Recommend

SaunaSpace Sauna

#1 Option for Near Infrared Saunas

Not all saunas are created equal. NIR saunas are used for detoxification purposes and help to change the mitochondria in the body.

We did an entire podcast episode about the details of NIR Saunas!

Shielded Healing

EMF Shielding Support

Brian Hoyer has been on our podcast multiple times to talk about how EMFs can impact our health.

He teaches ways to shield yourself and your home from EMF exposure so that your body doesn't get damaged from the harmful radiation.

You can get $100 off an appointment with Brian.


Best Air Purifier for Mold Spores

When mold is in the air, or even pollen, it can cause inflammatory responses in your body.

Molekule destroys these air pollutants so they can no longer harm you.

Creatrix Solutions

Detox Devices for Environmental Toxins

Remove toxins by focusing on light, water, and air quality that you consume. Creatrix has devices that optimize and clean these necessities so you can detox.

You can listen to their benefits on Episode 124.

Health Products I Recommend

Mountainside Herbals

Herbal Support and Teas

Mountainside Herbals is our company that produces herbal body support and teas.

As our product selection develops, we focus on support for detoxification, pathogens, and adrenal support.


Personalized Meal Planning

If you are tired of trying to figure out what to eat, then RealPlans will be your best friend.

It is segmented based on your dietary type or food allergy, which makes it easy to find recipes that you can actually eat!


Food and Nutrition Tracker

One of the best ways to see nutrient deficiencies and to track progress is to track the food you eat.

Cronometer tells you all the macronutrients and micronutrients that you are getting from your food. You can adjust it based on your health goals.


Fitness Tracker and Outdoors Watch

Garmin is my favorite company when it comes to fitness trackers and outdoors devices.

Every Garmin I have had has stood up to my abuse. They have devices from the most basic options, up to the top of the line Fenix Series (which I use).

Autism and ADHD Summit

Learn About ADHD From the Experts

ADHD is becoming more and more common in kids. Why would this be happening?

Learn from 40 health professionals on how to treat ADHD and sensory disorders!

Keto Mojo

Ketone and Blood Glucose Monitor

Testing blood glucose is an easy way to measure your overall health. Elevated blood sugar is correlated with many of the health issues that are prevalent today.

Keto Mojo tests both ketones, and blood glucose within one device.

Healing Chronic Stress and Disease Summit

Learn From a Panel Experts How to Reduce Stress

We are all suffering from stress and our diseae rates are increasing dramatically.

Learn from a panel of 40+ experts on how to reduce stress to help reduce disease.