Camp Inspire

Dedicated to Educate Youth About Health and Wellness

Camp Inspire is a local nonprofit for youth that provides movement and nutrition education.

Camp Inspire focuses on 3 aspects to help children to be their best: Movement, Nutrition, and Leadership. We utilize the summer camp setting with outdoor adventures to teach leadership and cooperation skills, daily movement education to teach physical awareness and confidence, and lastly nutrition and cooking classes for lifelong habits that improve health and can be shared with others.

Summit Integrative Wellness Supports Youth Programs

Summit Integrative Wellness has partnered with Camp Inspire to provide Movement and Nutritional programs to anyone under the age of 18 with parent consent. 50% of profits from all sessions with youth is donated directly to Camp Inspire.

*Summit Integrative Wellness highly recommends that if a child is going through a nutrition program, the whole family should go through it as well. Nutrition habits are much easier to sustain if the whole family is involved!