We have 3 different options to help you improve your fitness and movement capabilities and become Adventure Ready:

If you are looking for Personal Trainers in Duvall, Washington, then our in-home training option is great for you. I will come directly to your home in Duvall (or surrounding areas) and help you establish an exercise area within your home. This minimizes commute times for you, keeps you more accountable, and is extremely convenient.

During the sessions, I will be assessing your movement quality and tailoring the training programs to help you reach your goals, while also minimizing the chances of injuries occurring.

With well over a decade in the fitness industry training people ranging from collegiate athletes to 93 years old, I can help you establish a fitness routine that is fun, unique, and something you can continue doing for the rest of your life.

Establishing a fitness routine can be tough. Often it seems that exercise is boring, tough, or you just don't enjoy it. But that means you just haven't found a way to exercise that you really enjoy! While some may say that there is only 1 way to reach your goals, I know that in fact there are thousands of different ways to enhance your fitness level, and the best one is the type that you enjoy doing and it doesn't seem like a chore having to do it.

If you are not comfortable having in home personal training in Duvall, then check out our virtual personal training options or online programs.

Personal Training Sessions Include:

  • Goal Assessment/What You Would Like To Achieve
  • Full Biomechanical Assessment of Your Body
  • Injury Prevention Strategies
  • Personalized Fitness Plan
  • Special Client-Only Access to Our Private Dashboard

limited spots available for 2023!

Due to high demand, we only have a few spots remaining for 2024!

Check out the price list below:

Personal Training Happy Hour

Sessions between 11am-3pm

Starting at




  • $110 per Session, 50 Minute Workouts
  • 3 Month Minimum Commitment
  • Full Biomechanical Assessment of Your Body
  • Personalized Fitness Plan
  • Body Measurements and Tracking Chart
  • Injury Prevention Strategies
  • Free Access to Our Paid Membership Platform
  • VIP Care and Quick Responses to Any Bodily Issues

*Pricing is based on residents located in Duvall, Washington. Those in surrounding areas may have additional costs for travel time*


What If I Miss Some Weeks of Training, Will I Still Pay Full Price?

If you are missing out on quite a few of your training days, then we will adjust or pause your subscription until you can get back to a consistent basis again. We have our training packages set up on a monthly basis because consistency is the most important step to reaching your goals. If you prefer a "per session" option, then contact us and we can establish a price for each session.

What If I Can't Stand Working Out With Bryan, Can I Cancel At Any Time?

Of course! If your connection with Bryan is not working out well, then you can cancel at any time! There are no pro-rates or refunds for months that have already been paid for though.

Now That I Have a Trainer, I Will See Instant Results, Right?

Wouldn't that be nice to have instant results! Unfortunately no, that isn't how the body works. Results take time to see, which is why Bryan will work with you to establish a baseline point so you can see the progress you have made. Some results noticed quickly are basic activities of daily living, such as walking up the stairs, or chasing kids around. 

Also remember that you are living in your body every single second of every single day, so it will be tougher for you to notice changes in your own body. Your friends who might not see you as often will notice things much easier than you will because they will see the changes happening!

Finally, we also track body measurements, and if you are local to Duvall then you get access to our 3D Body Scanner (for free) which will be one of the most accurate ways to measure the body!

I Have a Lot of Injuries or Health Complications, Can You Still Work With Me?

I always recommend that if you have a lot of health complications that you get cleared by your physician first before engaging in an exercise program. Once you are given the 'okay', then that is where my magic comes in!

My educational background consists of very detailed injury specialty programs to help those with injuries. I've even worked with people who have been literally folded in half from collapsed buildings. Every single person's injury history is different, but I can always find variations of exercise that you can do that is still fun and minimizes pain.

What Happens If Bryan Goes on Vacation?

It is inevitable that at some point Bryan will go on vacation, so when that happens, you will receive a refund on the time that he is gone (equivalent to your missed appointments and the price per session for those appointments). He will also set you up with some workout ideas to do during that time so you can stay on top of your fitness (some people enjoy taking a 'vacation from Bryan' during these times).

What Days Are Available For Appointments?

Bryan is available for appointments Monday through Thursday of the week!

Do You Raise Prices on Current Clients?

When you sign up for training, you lock in your rate for 18 months. After that, your rate will be adjusted to the current training rates.

I See There May Be Additional Costs For Those Located Outside of Duvall, What Does That Look Like?

There are added expenses for Bryan to travel outside of Duvall for appointments, such as travel time and mileage costs. The additional costs will be assessed after your initial conversation with Bryan.

Jessica Ghioni Bookkeeper

Was Told I Needed My Tonsils Out, But Improving My Health Allowed Me to Keep Them

I started working with Bryan a few months ago. I was introduced to him as someone that could help me get back to running again after a knee injury. While working with him I would talk to him about my many health problems and that I struggled to loose weight even if I worked out twice a day. Bryan was able to pin point a few of my symptoms by listening and doing a full exam. About a month into our meeting I became very ill with a swollen tonsil that needed immediate attention. I was told that I would need to take them out, but I needed to know the result of why this was happening before I would just have it removed. Bryan was able to use his knowledge and my history to piece together what was needed for healing. By following his lead I was able to fully heal without having my tonsil removed. I recommend Bryan for all health and wellness to be the best you are designed to be.

Katie Norris Genealogist

Got Me Ready For Europe Trip

I had an upcoming trip to Europe planned with my son, and I knew that all the walking would be tough on me. After a month of training, I was able to walk the streets in Europe all day long for over a week with no issues. Bryan is a kind and motivating trainer who allows you to both push yourself and to be careful with yourself. He is attentive to injuries and pain that you experience in an effort to still reach your goals.

Equipment To Use:

Foam Mat

#1 Option for Comfort

A foam mat is nice to use when you are down on your hands, knees, or back. The extra comfort helps to prevent your body from getting scraped up, which is a plus.


#1 Option for Body Weight Training

The TRX Suspension Trainer is phenomenal for rehab situations where you need to control movement, or take weight off of certain areas of your body.


#1 Option for Weight Training

The Powerblocks are a great way to have a lot of different dumbbell sizes built into one compact unit. On Amazon, you won't have to pay for the shipping fees.

Soo Borson MD, Professor Emerita- University of Washington

Knowledgeable Trainer

I’ve worked with a few trainers – they’ve all been good. But more than any other trainer I’ve known, Bryan constantly broadens and updates his knowledge and skills so he can create a balanced, individualized program for improving fitness and health. As a physician, I particularly appreciate his meticulous attention to functional anatomy and his ability to integrate feedback effectively and bring his best to his clients. His open personality and high level of professionalism inspire complete trust.

Bud Smith Branch Manager

Over weight. Sore knees. High blood pressure.

My knee pain has been reduced significantly. Blood pressure is well within norms. Walking up and down stairs is now painless whereas before it was quite painful.

I finally had to admit that I don’t possess the will power to push myself and hold myself accountable. Hiring a personal trainer has done that. I’ve also learned so many new and creative exercises that I really enjoy. I look forward to Bryan’s visit every week. With family and work being able to workout at home is another huge plus.

How Personal Training Works

Step 1

Purchase the type of training you want.

Step 2

Schedule your first appointment.

Step 3

Get access to your private dashboard.

Step 4

Commit to your fitness goals and your workouts.

Step 5

Get your desired results.

Jake Wright Spina Bifida Patient

Saw Past My Inabilities To Help Me With My Capabilities

I have a disability that can be challenging to some trainers. Bryan took it in stride and worked with me at home. I got better results in 3 months than I did with a gym trainer in a year. Rather than telling me what to do, Bryan asked me about my goals, made suggestions based on those goals, and tailored the workouts accordingly. My overall fitness – especially my balance and physical confidence – improved significantly. I wish I still lived close enough to work with him – I recommend him to anyone regardless of physical condition.

Mitch Kress Fellow of Applied Functional Science

Helped My Wrist So I Can Play Golf Again

Since your treatment at GG2 my wrist has continued to progress in the positive realm! I have been trying, the best I can, to duplicate the technique of compress and twist( that’s how I think of it-I am willing to learn the proper terms). Two weeks ago I began some light (3lbs) resistance training in the way of wrist curls-flexion/extension- and radial and ulnar deviation moves. The range of motion(non-loaded) is excellent. I can almost place the entire thumb inside the fingers and ulnar deviate w/o much stress. A far cry (those would be my tears) from when I saw you last. Then last Wednesday I went to range to see if I could handle the tweak of speed in the form of the golf swing. That was successful. So, I figured that while I was there I would hit some balls off the tee(less resistance). That was successful. The impact of the ball did send shock waves into the wrist. Next then, the fake turf, which has a tendency to grab on misfit shots. Good to go there as well. So, given those successful trials, I went to course Sunday to play. I played all 18 w/o incident. I’m now looking ahead to compete in a match play tournament for the flight championships. AFS rules and you are a great example of that. Thank you so much for helping me get my groove back!

Virtual Personal Training

We now also support Virtual Personal Training via Zoom! If you live outside of Duvall (or are uncomfortable with in-home personal training), then virtual training can be a great option for you!

With Virtual Personal Training, we will establish a perfect area for you to exercise and I can train you effectively online. You will need a device that has a camera so I can monitor your form and coach you through different corrections.

One convenient aspect of virtual training is that you can train anywhere! If you travel for work, then you can still maintain your training schedule.

Pricing is the same as in-person training.

*Virtual Training is usually more effective if In-Person training has been done before that way I have had time to correct your form and movement first.*

Online Training Programs

If you like self-paced workout programs, then we do have individual workout programs available as well, or you can join our membership and get access to all of the workout programs!

These are a great way to save some money, but still get access to high quality training on your own schedule. Every program can be done on your own time, and anywhere you have internet access.

You can see more about the membership and online training programs here.