68- Holistic Treatment For Chronic Skin Conditions with Jennifer Fugo

68- Holistic Treatment For Chronic Skin Conditions with Jennifer Fugo

Have you ever met someone and was about to shake their hand, when you noticed that the skin on the back of their hands was really dry, or looked “weird”? It can be a really uncomfortable moment for you, but imagine how the other person must feel in that moment.

While that example could be considered “extreme”, it was a real life example that our guest Jennifer Fugo has gone through.

In fact, 1 in 10 Americans are estimated to have eczema, and the numbers are even higher for having some sort of skin condition. People are suffering with these conditions that are impacting their lives both physically and emotionally.

While many people go directly to the topical creams to try and rid themselves of these conditions, the majority of those people will tell you that the creams aren't a solution that works long term.

What Are Some Alternative Treatment Options For Skin Conditions?

It may seem like the obvious choice to get a steroid cream to try and reduce the flareup of any skin condition, however this may not be the best choice available.

There usually are two different reasons why something is manifesting itself on your skin”

  1. There is an external stimulus that is causing the issue on your skin, such as harsh cleaners and chemicals
  2. The internal workings of your body is out of balance, and your body is pushing stuff up to the surface

The creams that are typically used aren't treating either of these causes. In fact, just using a cream without addressing either of these can almost guarantee that you will have the skin issue show up again in the future.

In this podcast episode, Jennifer Fugo talks about:

» What is making skin conditions become more and more common

» How the digestive system impacts the way we absorb nutrients which feeds into healthy skin

» Why the microbiome is important for the health of the skin, and the body

» What you can do to support yourself through the emotional trauma that skin conditions can put you through


  • [2:00] Jennifer Fugo was fascinated with skin conditions because of her own history with battling skin conditions and eczema
  • [4:45] Having eczema in places that people could see it, such as on the hands, impacted her both physically and emotionally
  • [7:15] The added stress from going to school increased her skin condition symptoms
  • [8:00] Why are skin conditions becoming more and more common, and is conventional treatments helping to eradicate the issues
  • [11:30] Do skin conditions come from issues inside the body, or from external influences
  • [15:00] Which symptoms are pretty universal across most people who have some skin issues
  • [17:00] The digestive system is so important for the health of our skin because that is how we absorb the nutrients needed for the body to work right

  • [19:30] Protein is extremely important for healthy skin, and most people don't get enough of it
  • [24:15] Some good options for protein powders are Prime Protein and Vital Proteins Collagen
  • [26:00] The lab tests that Jennifer will use is dependent upon symptoms
  • [29:00] The gut microbiome is communicating with the skin microbiome, which is just another reason why the microbiome is so important! (Learn More Here)
  • [38:00] Many people suffer more from the emotional trauma of having skin conditions. Jennifer talks about how to work through these emotions
  • [44:15] What are 3 ways people can improve their skin today
  • [47:15] Jennifer's morning smoothie is her number one morning routine to help keep her skin healthy and clean


» Get Started On Learning More About Your Skin

» The Healthy Skin Show Podcast

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Jennifer Fugo teaches how to improve your skin health from the inside out
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