October 30

62- How to Improve Your Performance Through Breath Using the Wim Hof Method with Bob Soulliere

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How often do you think about breathing? During the day, probably not very much, but you probably notice it when you are doing any kind of strenuous activity. However, we breathe all day long, and it is a vital function for our survival.

We follow training protocols to improve our strength and cardio capabilities. When we don't feel great, we look for natural remedies or medications to make us feel better. There are so many ways that we try to improve our health, yet when was the last time you purposely worked to improve the way you breathe?

Oxygen is important to the body, we all know that. Without it for a couple of minutes, we can lose brain function or even cause death. Oxygen helps to transport nutrients through the body, flushes out toxins, and creates energy.

The Wim Hof Method is a fantastic way to improve the way you breathe. Through these methods, you can retrain your body to better utilize oxygen and to strengthen the muscles needed to breathe efficiently.

Where Did the Wim Hof Method Come From

Wim Hof is a crazy daredevil who has broken many world records, 26 to be exact. His feats range from staying submerged in ice baths for hours, to climbing Mt Everest in nothing but shorts and shoes.

His ability to complete these feats is based on his control of his breath. Through breathing, he can regulate internal body temperature and control his mind to put off the sensations of cold and pain.

In this episode, Bob Soulliere and I talk about the Wim Hof Method:

»Why is it so important to practice our breathing techniques when we naturally breathe every day

»How breath can control your nervous system and activate the vagus nerve

»What is so important about exposure to the cold

»Bob takes us through a quick introduction of a breathing technique session


  • [2:00] Bob is a planking savant and is going to complete a 45 minute plank this year
  • [3:45] What is the Wim Hof Method
  • [6:45] Who is Wim Hof and how was he able to complete so many world records
  • [11:00] The ability for Wim Hof to withstand extreme cold temperatures comes from his ability to control his breath
  • [15:15] Does the Wim Hof Method breathing techniques come from the practice of Pranayama which is a practice typically done in yoga
  • [21:30] How does breathing influence the nervous system and allows the body to switch into a parasympathetic state (rest and digest state)
  • [29:30] When there is inflammation in the gut, this can cause issues in allowing the diaphragm to move the way it is supposed to which impacts our ability to breathe properly

  • [39.30] Would it be beneficial to combine Wim Hof Method with hyperbaric oxygen treatments or even oxygen supported exercise training programs
  • [49:00] What are the benefits of cold therapy and why is there so much focus on the cold
  • [53:00] There should be an element of play involved when doing different methods. It should be fun doing what you are doing
  • [55:00] Start here if you want to listen to the breathing technique and go through the demonstration

Learn More About Bob Soulliere and Wim Hof Method

Website: Breatheyourpower.com

Podcast: Breathe Your Power Podcast

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  • Bob Soulliere does not speak for or represent Innerfire or Oxygen Advantage.  He is speaking only about his experience as a participant, student, and trainer in these disciplines.
  • The science behind these practices is constantly evolving.  No statements made on this podcast are intended to represent settled science about these practices.

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Bob Soulliere teaches us how the Wim Hof Method improves our ability to control our breath so we can increase our performance and learn how to relax.

Bob Soulliere teaches us how the Wim Hof Method improves our ability to control our breath so we can increase our performance and learn how to relax.

Bob Soulliere teaches us how the Wim Hof Method improves our ability to control our breath so we can increase our performance and learn how to relax.


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