43- How to Build a Healthy Family with Amy Slater

43- How to Build a Healthy Family with Amy Slater

It is no surprise that families have a hard time to create healthy routines for the entire family. With young kids running around (or even teenagers), parents who work full time, and having to actually “adult”, it can be stressful to build a healthy family.

It can be very easy to throw in the towel on workouts and healthy eating, and resort to grabbing whatever is convenient and easy. You may think it is easier to give your child that extra snack so they don't cry instead of standing your ground and making them eat their veggies.

To give in to convenience and taking the easy route does not create a healthy family. Training kids to receive treats for doing “good” things ingrains a reward pathway in the brain where they incorporate happiness and pleasure with snacks. This doesn't mean kids shouldn't get treats from time to time, but we do want to make sure they enjoy real food instead of constantly falling for processed junk.

Why Creating Healthy Family Practices Is Important

Let's face it, the majority of adults get to the point where they end up chasing health and either want to lose weight or have health issues they are trying to work around. Instead of having 1 person within the family “on a diet” or exercising, how about the whole family gets involved!

Joining in healthy rituals together with the family builds a great foundation for the children. It also makes the adults more likely to succeed on their own journey. How many times have you been on a diet, and your spouse ends up bringing home junk food? When only 1 person in the family is changing the way they eat or move, there are too many other temptations still in the house, which leads to failure.

This is why I brought on Amy Slater to talk about how she has incorporated healthy family practices in her household. Not only is she training 6 people to eat healthy and love to exercise, she has her hands full with 2 sets of twins under 8 years old!

In this episode, Amy Slater and I discuss:

»How a health issue after the first pregnancy made her think twice about her food

»Why there isn't support for mothers after pregnancy

»Ways to provide healthy meals for a large family

»How to find time for your own personal health practices

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[3:30] What got you started in the fitness industry and what kept you pursuing to learn more
[8:15] It is great to go through injuries yourself to learn how to understand what clients are going through
[8:50] At what point did your focus transition from seniors to mothers
[10:30] What was the health issue you went through during your first pregnancy that lead you into the journey towards health
[12:25] Because you weren't getting enough nutrients, were you losing weight too quickly
[13:20] What are some stereotypes women face right after pregnancy
[14:45] Are there differences between postpartum support between the UK and US
[17:45] What did you mentors teach you about nutrition
[21:20] Do you feel like you are stronger because of the food you eat, or the way you move, or both
[25:20] Where did you go to receive a gut healing protocol
[27:30] Did you just have to do supplemental support, or did you have to make dietary changes

[29:20] What are some strategies you can give moms to get their kids to start eating healthy
[34:30] It can take up to 12 times for a child's taste buds to start liking a food
[38:45] You have to make eating fun otherwise it becomes stressful
[40:30] How can busy moms find time to exercise
[44:20] Incorporating the kids into workouts is a great way to build a healthy family
[45:15] At Amy's website, she has tons of info on ways to create a healthy family, recipes, and workouts (upcoming)

Learn More About Amy Slater

Website: moms4health.com

Social Media: Facebook , TwitterInstagram , Youtube , Pinterest

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Join Amy Slater as she discusses ways she has built a healthy family and how she gets her kids to eat healthy foods

Join Amy Slater as she discusses ways she has built a healthy family and how she gets her kids to eat healthy foods

Join Amy Slater as she discusses ways she has built a healthy family and how she gets her kids to eat healthy foods

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