Lydia Joy discusses why minerals are so important to the overall workings of the body.

16- Mineral Balancing with Lydia Joy

If you go to see your doctor, you will most likely hear them say that you should be taking a calcium supplement, or your fish oil, or avoid salt, but is this advice true for all people? When it comes to minerals, there is so much more information that goes into a protocol than just taking one pill to supplement all minerals. The amount of individual minerals is important, but also the ratio of various minerals to each other is just as important if you are working on your mineral balancing.

Minerals need specific co-factors in order to be balanced properly, which can make mineral balancing a bit of work to find the proper protocol. Minerals can determine the functionality of many systems in the body, such as your thyroid or even your adrenal glands. All this can be learned in this episode of Mineral Balancing with Lydia Joy!

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11:15 – What got Lydia into the mineral world
13:50 – What is a mineral and where does it come from
15:25 – Can we take one pill that contains all the minerals in it, or do we need a specific blend of minerals
17:30 – Mineral ratios are just as important as minerals by themselves
18:10 – Minerals that interact with Thyroid and are needed for optimal thyroid function
19:30 – Calcium can be a player in why a thyroid is sluggish or hypothyroid
22:15 – What does calcium do to the cell membrane
24:25 – Calcium hardens concrete, imagine what it does in excess in the body
25:40 – What are the roles of magnesium in the body and where can we find more magnesium?
27:00 – Lydia's podcast episode on magnesium can be found here
29:30 – How to use magnesium flakes as a supplemental way to increase your magnesium. (Can be found here)

30:30 – Magnesium sprays can be itchy due to people being extremely deficient in magnesium
31:35 – Why is magnesium so important
37:50 – Can you take too much magnesium that it becomes detrimental to the body
39:50 – What are the roles of copper in the body, especially females
51:00 – Water softeners and hardeners and what they do to your mineral levels
54:20 – What are heavy metals, why are they toxic, and how to handle them
61:00 – Holistic Mineral Balancing for practitioners

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Website: Divine Health From The Inside Out

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Lydia Joy discusses why minerals are so important to the overall workings of the body.
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