Joel Salatin Sustainable Farming

14- Sustainable Farming with Joel Salatin

There is a strong movement in the farming industry that is known as sustainable farming. These are farms that utilize nature's patterns to better enhance the land and the production animal products for consumers. The man who has been leading this movement for quite some time is Joel Salatin.

We should be paying attention to what is happening at the farming level because these farms are in control of what and how we eat. Farmers are a very important component to our society, and in general we don't thank these hard working people enough for providing the food on our plates. Joel and I talk about why it is important to know how the animals are raised, how it impacts our own health, and what we can do to provide better quality products for ourselves and families in this episode of Sustainable Farming with Joel Salatin!

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6:55 – How did Joel's family take farmland that was run down and turn it around into the healthy state of land they currently have
7:20 – Land is biological, not mechanical. Therefore, it can heal
8:50 – Soil regenerates via biomass and decomposing
10:45 – How long did it take to regenerate the farmland
12:20 – Reason this farming works is because it follows natural migratory process of nature
15:15 – Some people think this type of farming is going backwards with technology, but is it really the case
17:30 – How to place the animals on the farm to utilize space and how they work together
21:20 – This style of farming quintuples production
23:20 – The heart and sole of the farm is this giant composting process that feeds the land
25:45 – The story of agriculture has been to wear out land then move on to new land
26:25 – How to bring this type of farming down to a smaller scale
31:05 – Raising chickens is easy and can be done even in the house
33:45 – Polyface keeps their products local only. They only ship jerky
36:20 – How can we get our local farmers to start producing good quality foods for us
43:00 – Why should I get my food from a farm with animals eating their natural food sources and avoid the meats at the stores

44:45 – The nutrient density of properly fed animals is tremendously greater than commercially produced meats
50:10 – People don't even know what they are eating or when they eat anymore
52:25 – Differences between grass-finished and grain-finished beef
54:10 – Farmed fish are fed much differently than wild caught fish
57:50 – What resources does Joel have for more information on sustainable farming

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Join Joel Salatin as he provides ways to improve farming methods of animals.
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