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Movement Therapy is to improve anyone's movement quality. More often than not, we are not aware of movement inefficiency until symptoms occur. Symptoms are our body's way of communicating that our equilibrium is off somewhere. This could be indicated by pain, injury, illness, etc. Our services specialize in movement assessment to not only help with symptoms (if appropriate), but to help you understand what caused them.

Movement Therapy is described as a change in your physical place or position. This requires each individual segment of the body to work congruently in order to accomplish a specific task. Tasks can be anything from walking around the house, getting into a vehicle, to any athletics. No matter the level of activity that is in demand, there is an efficient way to accomplish the task for each person. Efficient movement will feel smooth and fluid, with no limitations or pains. Inefficient movement may not have immediate symptoms, but eventually your body will try to protect itself by pain, discomfort, stiffness or aches. The greater the inefficiency, the greater compensatory patterns your body will create which leads to a decreased ability to perform the tasks you used to be able to do. Movement Therapy focuses on optimizing your health goals, assessing your current threshold, and designing an individualized program to meet your goals, not a protocol based program.

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Follow-up appointments will be discussed at time of initial assessment.