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Functional Wellness Therapy focuses on 3 main aspects of health to treat and prevent illness and disease: Nutrition, Behavior, and Rest/Recovery. These 3 components alongside a dedicated movement practice helps to build and maintain optimal health.

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Nutrition for Optimal Health

When looking at our health, we must first look at what we are putting into our body, aka nutrition. There are the old adages "you are what you eat" and "let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food". I like to think of health as "you are what you assimilate" meaning what your body actually absorbs and utilizes. From a nutrition aspect, we take an in-depth look into your food history, your symptoms and digestive complaints, toxicities, mineral levels, and much more. Once we gather a detailed report of how your body is processing food, we can build your own personal nutrition and supplement plan.

Rest and Recovery

In a society where we are constantly moving to improve our status at work, in our communities, and at home, there is a huge component most people lack: Sleep. What most people don't realize is that our body regenerates while we sleep. So whether you are trying to recover from an injury, trying to make gains with your workouts, or trying to recover from an illness, your body won't fully recover unless you get proper rest. Our programming will help you to find ways to incorporate more rest into your schedule so that your healing time improves tremendously!

Behavior Influence on Health

The final component we help to correct to achieve health is a behavior component. Working to achieve health takes times and commitment, and we will work with you to figure out what is holding you back from improving. Our thoughts towards ourselves and the world around us will determine the health of our body, so by utilizing positive influencing and calming/meditative practices, we can reduce stress from within and find a balance with our attitudes.

Functional Wellness Services

This is a one-on-one comprehensive program for the individual who is ready to make a change for better health and wellness. Change takes time and we want you to succeed. We will go on your health journey with you, guiding you and making adjustments to your plan as needed. We want to educate you on the different components of your plan, so you understand the significance behind the nutrients as to what they do for your body. We will do the research for you, then simplify the complexity for you to understand.

Please read below the process towards optimal health.
Step 1: An initial assessment takes place to have a baseline of your current health status. This entails a detailed symptom analysis that will highlight high priority areas to be addressed. In addition, you will be required to provide a detailed food log prior to the first visit to determine food recommendations based around foods you enjoy. During the first visit, any questions between the client and practitioner will be discussed, followed by an overall assessment of organ health. This will conclude our initial assessment process and allow us to build a plan based on your priorities.

Step 2: You will receive your personalized plan to review. We encourage you to look it over and write down any questions you may have about your plan. On our second visit, we will review your plan, go over your questions, and make any adjustments as needed. We will discuss the reasons behind the recommendations we have made to your plan. 

Step 3: You will be asked to continue to journal what you have been eating, reactions your body has to certain foods, and overall how you feel. Please send these reports back to our office so we can continue to review and make adjustments accordingly. We will have follow-up appointments to re-test results from the initial assessment. Proper health and wellness is an on-going process; it is important to monitor all reactions and to adjust accordingly.

Your program will include:
Personalized Report of findings from your initial assessment.
Custom Individualized Plan which will include recommendations to reach your personal health goals. This includes nourishment recommendations, supplements (if necessary), and any lifestyle coaching.
Follow-up Appointments to make adjustments to the program so you can be successful in your health journey.
Email Support and Educational Research to make sure you are on track and have the best resources available for success.

How to get Started:
Please send an email to schedule a time. You will be contacted within a 48-hour period to discuss the details of this program. Take note, this is not a diet or a quick fix program, instead it is a personalized program designed to reach your overall wellness goals. Once all forms below are returned to me, we can confirm your appointment time. Please allow yourself up to a week to completely fill out all of the forms.

  1. Disclaimer
  2. Confidential Client Health Questionnaire
  3. NAQ
  4. 5 Day Food Journal

All forms have been designed to fill out online and returned via email. Please click within the blue boxes in order to enter your information. On the NAQ, click into the first box and use the tab key to navigate through the fields. Use the number pad to enter your answers for each question.

  • 3 Month Intro Package
  • $575
    per 3 Months
  • 3 appointments in the first month
  • 2 appointments each month after
  • Private Portal on App
  • 5% discounts on supplements
  • 5% discount on any other services
  • 5% discount on any lab testing
  • Email and Text support
  • In-person or Virtual
  • Subscription-Based
  • Platinum Package
  • $600
    per Month
  • Same Day Scheduling (Business Days Only), Unlimited Appts ea Month
  • Low Client-to-Practitioner Ratios
  • Private Portal on App
  • 15% discounts on supplements and services
  • 10% discount on any lab testing
  • Shopping Support
  • Menu Planning and Recipe Research
  • 1st month free food allergy testing
  • In-person or Virtual