learn to manage your diet, for the rest of your life, with our vip-level coaching

Say goodbye to yo-yo diets, and take control of your health and fitness to reach the transformation you've always wanted.

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You have 2 coaching options to choose from to solidify a lasting transformation. Below are the differences between the options. 

Premium Online Coaching

Make Lasting Nutrition Changes in a Group Environment




+ $79 set up fee

  • Coaching Calls: 2 coaching video calls to get to know each other and adjust recommendations.
  • Weekly Office Hours: Specific hours each week where you can get support from your coach.
  • Weekly Checkins: Get feedback and report progress to your coach to develop an actionable plan.
  • Monthly Group Q&A Sessions: Join live monthly video calls to ask questions and support the rest of the community.
  • Monthly Food Journal Review: Your coach will review and adjust your meal plans each month.
  • Lasting Habit Changes: Your coach will work with you to make habit changes that will last a lifetime.

lbs Lost

Lives Changed


We provide a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee on our Nutrition Coaching. If you do not see results in 60 days, and you have done all of the work and joined in on the group calls, then send us everything you have done and we will promptly refund your costs.

*Refund period does not apply for VIP coaching due to the amount of time and effort we put into supporting you, but you will notice changes.*

Why Do You Offer Such An Awesome Guarantee?

We want to make nutrition coaching as accessible as possible for everyone. However, since you have to show your work, you have to be in the right state of mind to make these lasting changes. To be successful, you and your coach have to work together to make the changes stick.

What If I Didn't Do The Work, Can I Still Get A Refund?

No, we want you to be dedicated to this process. If you sign up with the idea you won't put in 100% effort, then you have already positioned your mind to fail. If you put in all of your effort into making these changes, you will notice changes, guaranteed.

Do I Get To Work With Bryan Directly?

You will have calls directly with Bryan. Depending on your needs, you may also spend some time chatting with his wife, Sarah, who is the expert at meal prepping and recipes.

What Is The Difference Between Nutrition Coaching and Health Consultations?

Nutrition Coaching is strictly focused on your dietary needs. This includes weight loss, weight gain, and sports performance. Dietary changes improve your health by about 70% (for some people, it can be all they need!).

Health Consultations are focused on tougher cases, such as IBS, Diabetes, Thyroid Conditions, Environmental Toxins, etc. These consultations require much more extensive research, fine tuning of recommendations, lab testing, and more.

If your goals are only nutrition-based, then Nutrition Coaching is exactly what you need. For more complicated cases, then you will want to sign up for Health Consultations.