Mold- The Hidden Toxin (pt. 1)

By Bryan Carroll CFMP, NTP, FAFS

November 16, 2015

As everyone knows, I am an extremely active person. I workout nearly every day of the week, whether I am coaching wrestling, playing games with my soccer team, climbing a big rock face or walking up a mountain. Being active is who I am, it is what I know. What a lot of people don't know is the sickness that overtook me at the beginning of 2015 that put myself in a position where I could barely do any kind of physical activity.

It started out as a little fatigue. I could actively feel my energy levels drop day to day, but I had figured it was because of all the responsibilities I had taken on (owning Movement Therapy Wa, Co-Founder of Camp Inspire, coaching wrestling, training at a gym, photograpy). I naturally assumed this was what it felt like when your life starts to become more hectic, so I accepted it as is. But then I came down with a sore throat. That first morning my throat hurt, I looked in the mirror and saw that my Tonsils had swollen almost all the way across my throat, and there were sores on them. I couldn't even drink water because of the pain (this coming from someone who went 14 months with a broken wrist and learned how to push away pain). I figured that I finally came down with a cold and that I would have to deal with this for a couple days.

It had been about 5 days, my throat was just as swollen as before, I had barely eaten anything except bone broths and soups, and I was so tired. I had no idea what was going on with me. I kept waiting out my “cold”, hoping that it would turn around at some point. After about 4 weeks, it still hadn't gone away. I would wake up in the morning and would count how many hours were left until I could go back to sleep. I didn't want to do anything, I barely had enough energy to perform at work. There was one day I decided maybe fresh air was what I needed, so I went on an easy hike (compared to what I normally do) and that about killed me. Any energy that was left was burned up. At that point, I had no idea what to do. I've never experienced anything like that before, and started losing that active person in which defined me.

After 4 weeks, everything started to get worse. I came down with splitting headaches that would lay me flat on the ground. Every single joint in my body hurt constantly, my neck was so stiff I couldn't look over my shoulders while driving. My spine hurt. It was tough to take a full breath of air. It felt like I was dying. Finally, after fighting this for about 10 weeks, I was helping my nutritional mentor/instructor with a class and told him how I have been feeling. He told one of his colleagues to bring a bunch of different items to test on me to see what I have been fighting. He used a method called muscle testing, which is the belief that particular muscles are linked to different organs and glands, and by testing different nutrients, homeopathics, etc. on these muscles, you can determine what the body needs at that particular moment in time and be able to help someone's body to heal itself (which is a practice I use in my clinic as well as many other modalities such as hair testing and bloodwork). As he tested me, he discovered that what I was fighting off wasn't a cold, or a virus, but it was toxins from mold. Mold, how the heck can that cause me to be in this much pain systemically? He quickly put together a protocol using the muscle testing to find what my body needed right then to get better. After 1 week of being on that protocol, all of my symptoms were gone! Gone! I couldn't believe it. All that time, and all I needed to do was to support myself for mold.

When I got home the day he told me it was mold, I went through my house to figure out where it was coming from. I tend to keep my window open all year long, which allows moisture to come into my room. I have dark areas in my room, and when I really inspected them I discovered there was black mold hiding and blending in with all the dark areas! I found it in the hidden areas in my room I would never imagine to look or clean. This made me curious about other areas of my house, like the bathroom. I found mold in more hidden spots within the bathroom. I spent hours cleaning my house to get rid of every little spot that could be potentially harming me.

I want to do a multi-part blog series about mold because of how much this has affected me. There are millions of people who suffer from mold spores who don't even know what they are fighting. These toxic molds grow because of some moisture within an enclosed space, and the toxic fungus fights against the nontoxic fungus for territory. This makes the toxic fungus/molds become extremely saturated in areas of poor air flow, and they release mycotoxins into the air. It is unknown the exact reason for the mycotoxin release, but what can be assumed is that it weakens the surrounding areas so that the fungus has a better chance to proliferate (reproduce).

I will go much more in depth about molds and how they affect your health in part 2. This can be a complicated subject but one that needs to be addressed, especially here in the Northwest. If you have questions about mold or are worried you may be affected by mold spores, please contact us for more information!


About the author

Bryan Carroll CFMP, NTP, FAFS

Bryan Carroll is a certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and Movement Therapist who helps the outdoors community to reduce injuries and improve their health so they can get back to exploring nature. His big health crisis from mold exposure taught him the importance of finding the root causes to illnesses so you can take back control of your life. He is also the host of the Summit For Wellness Podcast.

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