April 28

Lower-Upper Workout

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When wanting to build endurance in different regions of the body, then you have to keep tension and activation going in those tissues. We see this a lot when it comes to our cardio endurance, when we spend a selective amount of time with any given activity. The same remains true in our muscle fibers as well, and in this workout we focus on the lower and upper part of the body. Hence the name, Lower-Upper workout.

In this workout, we start off by keeping the lower body muscles engaged for 3 sets of 4 exercises. This places a lot of demand on the muscles as the exercises are not timed, there is a specific rep count to reach.

The second half of the workout works more of your mid section to upper body. Same idea applies here, you have 3 sets of 4 exercises to complete. This entire workout might take some time to finish up, so listen to your body and take breaks as needed.

Enjoy this Lower-Upper Workout!

Lower-Upper Workout
Exercise Sets Reps Note
Lower Body Section
Split Squat Jumps w/ Weights Overhead 3 20 reps ea/ leg Keep the weights overhead. Lock out elbows to keep strength in shoulders
Wide Feet Squats 3 30 Hands hanging at center
Side Lunge w/ Rotation 3 15 ea/ leg Rotate towards the lunging leg glute.
Close Feet Squat Jumps 3 20 Feet are together
Upper Body Section
Wide Hand Push-ups 3 20 Come down until shoulders are in line with hands. *Caution, if this is too deep or you have shoulder issues, don't drop as low!*
Bicep Punches 3 40 ea/ arm Palms are up, 90° angle at the elbow, extend one arm out, then alternate.
Plank Rows 3 15 ea/ arm Keep Core Strong, hold a nice plank.
Side to Side Hip Slides 3 30 ea/ direction From plank, bend elbows until 90° and hold. Shimmy pelvis side to side.

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