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If you are tired of wishy washy diets and are ready to make a big change in your overall health and wellness, then join us in this program.


You Are Here for a Reason

Perhaps you have friends who are on the Keto Diet.

Maybe you have "tried everything", but nothing has worked.

You may want to lose weight and find a renewed sense of energy.

You have decided it is time to make a change in your diet and you want to do something out of the ordinary.

If this sounds like you, then you are in the right place!

We will provide you with the means to improve your energy, regulate your hormones, reduce blood sugar levels, drop the stubborn weight, and best of all, feel as great as you have only dreamed of!

Here is What You Will Get in the Keto Restore Program

Whether you are looking to improve your overall health, have longer lasting energy, drop that stubborn weight, or improve the way your skin looks, this 4 week program will get you started on your Keto Journey.


I will support you through the entire process, from preparing your body to enter ketosis, the fat adaption process, and even through all of the troubleshooting. If you have questions, I have answers!


The most empowering thing is to have others who are going through the same process as you. Supporting each other through the good and the bad leads to a strong foundation, great friendships, and success for everyone.


We all have aesthetic goals we want to reach on a diet, but we also want to just be healthy overall. Removing processed foods and adding in foods of high quality is always a positive component for the body.

What You Will Learn in the Keto Restore Program

The Keto Restore Program is broken down into 4 modules, plus a 5th module that contains tasty Keto recipes to use while on this program.

Module 1

Preparing the Body for Keto

Every single diet needs to reset the body. If you dive fully in without preparation, then the body can be overwhelmed and the process won't be fun (or sustainable!).

In this module, we focus on preparing the body to handle a higher fat diet. 

This means we need to clean out some of the systems that are needed to burn fat.

In this module, we work through what your body may need to support the system, and how to properly clean out the pathways to become a fat-burning machine!

>> Learn about the basics of Keto

>> Learn ways to open up fat-burning pathways in the body and make sure to successfully clear these pathways to handle a higher-fat diet

>> Answer the question of how we can eat this way without having to worry about issues like high cholesterol

Module 2

Transitioning into Ketosis

This is where the rubber meets the road (or the avocado meets the tummy). It is time to start adding in fats and removing excess carbs!

In this module, we focus on slowly integrating different fats into the diet.

Different types of fats digest at different rates, so we want to start with easy fats first before transitioning into the heavy fats.

>> Learn which fats are the easiest to digest and convert into ketones

>> How to avoid the Keto Flu and sustain your digestive power throughout the course

>> How to utilize different types and variations of Keto diets to support your body's needs

Module 3

Troubleshooting the Keto Diet

At some point in any diet, you will come across roadblocks. It is what you do at these roadblocks that determine your success.

In this module, we dive into the different issues that may come up while on the Keto Diet.

This module will help you to work through these different issues and really help to protect the body from any kind of damage.

>> Learn how to adapt the diet to apply to special diets like AIP and FODMAPS

>> Understand what different symptoms mean and how to adjust your nutrients as needed

>> Discover supplemental support to go along with your journey

Module 4

How to Apply the Keto Diet to Real Life Situations

Dieting can be tough when you apply it to real life situations. Friends want to go out, kids have birthday parties, you go on vacation, work trips, and more.

In this module, we discuss how to survive in the real world while on a diet.

It is not easy to stick with a diet, and most people "fail" diets over the weekend. This is because no one teaches how to apply your diet to real life!

>> Utilize our shopping lists to be successful at the grocery store

>> Learn how to explain what you are doing to friends without getting critisism

>> Discover low-carb options at some of your favorite restaurants

Module 5

Tasty Low-Carb Recipes for All Occasions 

We can't tell you to eat a certain way without providing tasty recipes!

In this module, you will find many low-carb recipes that will keep you successful on your diet.

Our list of recipes is continuing to grow, so you will have lots of options for a long time.

>> Enjoy low-carb recipes for every occasion

>> See different food ideas so you can be creative and create your own tasty meals

>> Learn to not think of a diet as "restricting"

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We are happy to help answer any questions you may have about this program and help you make the wisest choice!

What's Included in This Program

It is important to know exactly what you will receive in this program. You will receive the help and guidance needed to stay with the program for the entire 30 days.

Online Program Access

The Keto Restore Program is all online, so you can access it wherever you go. You can also utilize our free app to make it easy to access any of your courses.

Shopping Lists For Big Retailers

Shopping on a diet can be difficult and expensive. We have made-for-you templates for some of the larger grocery stores. These templates will keep you on track at the grocery store so you buy exactly what you need.

Access to Our Keto Recipe Database

We make it easy to stay on this diet by providing many tasty recipe options for any occasion. You want a Keto Pizza? We have that for you. In the mood for a Low-Carb Margarita? We have that too.

Personalized Customization of the Keto Program

Every body has different nutritional needs, therefore we provide ways to tweak the program to meet the needs your body has. We teach you how to change your macronutrient levels so you feel great.

Troubleshooting Your Symptoms

We address the roadblocks that various symptoms can cause. We guide you through these roadblocks so that you can continue on safely and be successful.

Access to Our Summit For Wellness Tribe Facebook Group

We have a Facebook group dedicated to our Tribe Members. Join in with the Tribe to have that extra community support while on your journey.

Facebook Lives and Q&As

I show up in the Tribe Facebook Group to answer people's Q&As and to provide high-value health and wellness information. This gives you more access to me directly.

About the Instructor
Bryan Carroll

Bryan Carroll is a Functional Wellness Practitioner, Nutritional Therapist, and a Movement Therapist. He is the founder of Summit Integrative Wellness and Host of the popular Summit For Wellness Podcast.

Bryan is also an outdoor adventure photographer who shoots for many outdoor retailers. His passion is to help get people to Climb to the Peak of their Health and get back outside and in nature.

He has also been known in the nutrition communities as being a low-carb athlete who can travel 30+ miles per day, without having to worry about excessive carb fueling like most other athletes. He relies on fat as his main fuel source of energy and is able to avoid those unwanted "carb crashes".

As an athlete, nutritional therapist, and wellness practitioner, Bryan knows all too well how to prime the body to function at its best.

Are You Ready to Join Us in Keto Restore?


I want to lose weight, is the Keto Diet right for me?

Is eating high amounts of fat actually healthy? Everywhere says to avoid fats at all costs...

Is this a diet that I should be on forever?

I have heard that you can have an abundance of energy on this diet, is this true?

I am very active or an athlete, is Keto right for me?

I have Hypothyroidism, should I try Keto?

I have Type II Diabetes, would switching to a fat-fueled diet be a good choice?

Do you have a refund policy?

If You Have Read This Far....
You Owe it To Yourself

If you have read this far, then you owe it to yourself to ask these questions:

What if this program helps me to take...

control of my food cravings and help me to learn how to make healthy choices without being deprived?

What if just one recipe helps me...

to not choose that donut from Safeway, or to leave the candy bars alone?

What if the community support...

helps me to actually commit to a dietary program until I reach the success I dreamed of?

What if my health issues...

start to go away and my body starts the function the way I have heard it should function?

What would those changes be worth to you? Would having these health changes be worth $1000? $2000? What about saving you $14,000 per year (which is the average cost of treating Type II Diabetes)?

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Join us in Keto Restore to get your life back the way you dreamed!

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We are happy to help answer any questions you may have about this program and help you make the wisest choice!