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Many people suffer from addiction, whether we want to admit it or not (step 1 in AA). Luckily, many practitioners are starting to understand where addiction comes from and how to recover from addiction. This is a subject Hollis Baley really understands since she has actually spent the time to recover from addiction herself, which sent her down a path to become a practitioner! Listen in as we talk with Hollis about her own struggles and journey, and how she uses real foods and nutrients to support the body to recover from addiction. Please enjoy this episode of How To Recover From Addiction with Hollis Baley!
In our Banana Nut Pancakes recipe, we use almond flour as a gluten free source for the batter. Also, the gelatin and banana helps to thicken the batter to make it similar to a pancake consistency you are familiar with.
Let's be honest, when you eat chicken often, you start to get sick of the taste. If you are like me, you probably grew up eating chicken multiple times per week. Unfortunately, chicken does provide a nice amount of protein, so it is hard to give it up. That is why I tried to spice up the flavors to go with my chicken by adding in some sundried tomato balsamic vinegar!
Ever crave spare ribs but don't want to wait hours for them to cook? By using the instant pot, your spare ribs can be done in 35 minutes!
What's one way to spice up a nice salmon dinner? By using a cedar plank of course! This delicious Cedar Grilled Salmon recipe infuses cedar into your salmon.
Roasted asparagus is a great side dish to your entree. Learn how to easily make asparagus to add to your meals today!
paleo cranberry sauce
Saturday, November 26, 2016 / Published in Holidays, Increased Vitality, Recipes, Side Dishes
Learn to make a healthy homemade version of cranberry sauce that is Paleo friendly and quick and easy! Beat the bulge this holiday season!
Halloween time is when I have the opportunity to enjoy one of my favorite seasonal snacks: pumpkin seeds. Not only do pumpkin seeds taste fantastic when roasted in salt, but they also contain a great amount of health benefits!
Looking for a quick recovery protein shake after your workout, injury, or just as a meal replacement? This is exactly what you need!
potassium, beets,detox
Saturday, November 26, 2016 / Published in Heart, Increased Vitality, Nutrition, Recipes, Shakes
February is Heart month, which means our focus will be on keeping our hearts as healthy as we possibly can! Today we will focus on Potassium
chocolate zucchini brownies
Saturday, November 26, 2016 / Published in Desserts, Increased Vitality, Nutrition, Recipes
It is the holidays and all around you are sweets and treats. Here is a way to enjoy a treat but not feel so guilty about it!
Thanksgiving isn't the best for us, so I will offer you a recipe to help take down some of the digestive load caused by excess gluten and other foods from your meal!
Saturday, November 26, 2016 / Published in Desserts, Increased Vitality, Nutrition, Recipes
Craving something sweet but trying to stay away from sugar? For the Recipe of the Week we decided to bring you a nice treat that will satisfy your sugar cravings and will keep you more satiated, Coconut Date Balls!
Want an all natural way to help your sore throat during cold and flu season? This remedy utilizes herbs to fight off the bug and to relieve pain!
We need Omega 3s to help build our cells, and today we will use Salmon to help with that. Enjoy this Baked Ginger Salmon recipe that is sure to satiate your appetite!


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