April 29

HIKERS: Do This 20 Minute Workout to Get Trail-Ready!

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Over the next 4 weeks I will be releasing 4 different workouts that are designed to get you ready for the hiking and backpacking season. These workouts are designed to make your adventures on trail much more enjoyable as you will be way less tired carrying extra weight.

Each workout has a "follow-along" video (seen above), or you can go off and do the workout on your own. This is what you will find in today's workout:

Hiking Workout Part 1

Ladder Workout for 20 Minutes

After each round, increase reps +2 for each exercise. See how high up the ladder you can go in 20 minutes!

  • Step-ups Each Leg
  • Half Burpees
  • Side Lunges (Hands to Ground)
  • Supermans
  • Suitcase Crunch

Comment below how high up on the ladder you made it in 20 minutes!

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