01- Benefits of Herbs with Natalie Hammerquist

Today our episode is about the benefits of herbs with Natalie Hammerquist. She is a traditional western herbalist from Seattle, Washington. Natalie goes into depth about how to use herbs to support your body, how to know which ones to use, ideas for foraging, and much more.

roasted pumpkin seeds

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Halloween time is when I have the opportunity to enjoy one of my favorite seasonal snacks: pumpkin seeds. Not only do pumpkin seeds taste fantastic when roasted in salt, but they also contain a great amount of health benefits!

Coconut Date Balls

Craving something sweet but trying to stay away from sugar? For the Recipe of the Week we decided to bring you a nice treat that will satisfy your sugar cravings and will keep you more satiated, Coconut Date Balls!

Baked Ginger Salmon

Baked Ginger Salmon

We need Omega 3s to help build our cells, and today we will use Salmon to help with that. Enjoy this Baked Ginger Salmon recipe that is sure to satiate your appetite!

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