Our Mission To YOU

To Improve Your Movement Quality and Your Health
So Yo​u Can Enjoy the Outdoors

Summit Integrative Wellness brings services based on how you are functioning as a whole. Our therapy is not based on symptoms alone; we take a look at your entire system to find the root cause to any dysfunction that has arisen.

Level of function is determined by who we are, what we want to do, and where we have been. Therefore, therapy will be based on each persons own uniqueness, not based off diagnosis or abnormalities alone.

Movement Therapy is based off of how our bodies work with gravity, mass and momentum, and ground reaction forces. It takes into account the demands required of your body, and what efficient movements are needed to complete the tasks at hand.

Functional Wellness Therapy is to find a harmony within our bodies the way nature has intended. By finding the right nutrient-dense foods for our bodies, we are able to fight off disease and to maintain a healthy and fluid system.

Both therapies help to improve the 4 essential components to optimal health: Nourishment, Movement, Rest/Recovery, and Behavior. By finding a balance between the 4 essentials, our bodies are able to function at their most efficient capacity, and we can achieve optimal health.