I am Bryan Carroll

I have been searching for the best remedies for health.

I believe that wellness does not come from a bottle.

I know that our bodies are designed to heal, just sometimes we are in environments in which our bodies can't function properly.

Have you been looking for answers to your health issues? Have you gone from doctor to doctor, struggling to receive clear help on what you should do? Have you spent months, maybe even years wishing you could find someone to help you in the right direction of your health?

Like many of you, I have struggled with health issues for years. I lived in a mold infested home that slowly zapped the life out of me. Life became tough when I couldn't find the energy to get up in the morning. I would wake every day counting the hours until I could jump back into bed.

Even when I stopped doing my favorite hobbies, the doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. I thought there wasn't hope, until I found a practitioner who took the time to look at the root causes of my issues. It wasn't until we discovered that it was fungal related that I was able to feel better. 1 week on a fungal protocol and I was back to the way I used to be.

My story has led me to where I am now: providing the most up-to-date health information to you so that you may find exactly what you need to be rid of your symptoms.

I am a Movement Therapist

My journey into the health industry started from the physical fields of personal training and physical therapy. I had the wonderful opportunity to mentor under Dr. Gary Gray and Dr. Dave Tiberio of the Gray Institute. Their ability to look at the functional movement patterns of any activity was passed down to me. I took this valuable information and applied it with my clients who were suffering from movement dysfunction and rehabilitation.

However, not everyone was getting better like expected. It wasn't until my mentor Lenny Parracino, of Soft Tissue Integration, reminded me that movement therapy is only a small piece of the puzzle, and that the inside of the human body is much more complex than the outside.

I am a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Learning to heal from the inside-out takes a lot of research and understanding of how the human body is supposed to function. Unfortunately, even knowing how the body should function doesn't necessarily mean people's health issues are easy fixes.

I took it upon myself to focus my studies on where healing begins: with the nutrients that are the building blocks to heal the body.

Nutrition is such as an important piece to the healing puzzle, yet it seems to be the toughest to change within ourselves. Yes, it is extremely tough to make dietary changes, and to change the way you've eaten for awhile. However, if you aren't ready for this step, then most likely you aren't ready enough to make real changes to your health.

Nutrition is the fundamentals for building every single cell within your body. Every process within your body requires nutrients, and if you aren't able to digest food properly or are using processed foods, then your cells can't regenerate and provide the healing needed to help you out.

This is why the nutrition world is so important. The problem, though, is it seems every single nutritionist/dietitian has their own idea of what nutrition is. That is why it is so important to find what your own body needs.

I am a Functional Wellness Practitioner

Since my studies in nutrition, I discovered that the human body is so much more complex than just what is taught at nutrition school. I have made it my life passion to learn as many different forms of healing to be able to provide to the clients that I work with, so that we won't miss anything in our time together.

This means we can dive deep into the root causes of the true illness or movement dysfunction.

I have studied functional neurology. I have studied from functional medicine. I am studying from Traditional Chinese Medicine. I am studying from the herbalists. I am studying from the yogis. My whole "free time" consists of studying, studying, studying.

All of these come into my integrative approach to wellness. We need a system in this world that can utilize many different approaches to health in order to be able to treat everyone. That, is my goal with my studies.

I am Here for You

All of my work and efforts have been for one cause: to help you. 

You don't need to suffer anymore. You don't need to suffer from chronic pain. You don't need to have chronic health issues.

My goal is to find a way to help everyone. Whether that is from my story, or my blog, or from the services I provide, I hope to help you find the path that you need in order to become healthy.

I want to make myself a servant to your health journey. If you need any help, feel free to contact me.

Always in Health,

Bryan Carroll