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Bryan Carroll  CPT, NTP, FAFS
Functional Wellness Practitioner
Movement Therapist
Nutritional Therapist

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My Story

I am an outdoorsman at heart, spending most of my free time exploring areas in the Cascade Mountains. As a soccer player and wrestler, I have always been extremely active, knowing just how important quality movement and health is for performance.

I take a holistic, nature-based approach to healing with the full belief that nature knows best. I continuely take classes, find mentors, and stay up to date with the latest research in order to better serve my clients. I believe everyone should have the opportunity to achieve optimal health, regardless of any financial, mental, or physical obstacles. This is why I have put together a sponsorship program, as well as a nonprofit 501(c)3 for kids. Click below to learn more about these programs.

Our Sponsorship Program
Camp Inspire for Kids

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Digestive Wellness

Movement Effiency

Hormone Balancing

Sports Performance

Fungal/Yeast Overgrowths

Pain Management

Blood Sugar Balance/ Energy Balance

Skeletal Reintegration