76- How To Succeed With Intermittent Fasting with Cynthia Thurlow

76- How To Succeed With Intermittent Fasting with Cynthia Thurlow

Intermittent fasting, sounds like a pretty scary and difficult new weight loss craze that is sweeping the nation.

However, intermittent fasting isn't new, and isn't really the next fad diet. Human history shows that fasting has always been a part of livelihoods. Especially in times of feast or famine, you could go days without food, then have an abundance of food.

The term "intermittent" means to occur at different intervals. In the form of intermittent fasting, this means that we are fasting for a set period of time, and feeding in another set period of time.

For instance, you may fast (not eat) for 16 hours, then eat in an 8 hour time window. 16 hours can seem like a long time, but if you are sleeping during half of it, then you just don't eat the first part and last part of each day.


Is Intermittent Fasting Healthy to Do?

This is the most common question asked about fasting. It is hard to wrap your mind around not eating for a set period of time, especially when we have food available all of the time.

The reality is, intermittent fasting has quite a few health benefits to the body, and that is exactly what we discuss in this episode.

However, there are some people who should not practice intermittent fasting, and that is also mentioned around the 50 minute mark.

What To Expect From This Episode

Our repeat guest (you may recognize her from this episode) Cynthia Thurlow is a huge believer in the power of intermittent fasting.

These are some of the topics we talk about together:

  • What to do if you are in an extreme health crisis
  • Is intermittent healthy, and what are the best ways to do it
  • Which foods kick you out of fasting
  • Who should not be doing intermittent fasting


  • [3:00] When we last chatted with Cynthia, she was preparing for her first TEDx talk. Now she has done 2
  • [6:00] Cynthia had a huge health problem that nearly killed her
  • [13:00] There are situations where you have can't rely on natural treatments to survive, and you have to accept the methods western medicine can provide
  • [14:55] What is Cynthia's current protocol look like to recover from her health crisis
  • [18:45] Cynthia also changed up her fitness routine for recovery
  • [20:20] Learn how Cynthia is measuring her cortisol levels and making sure she gets great sleep
  • [22:30] What is intermittent fasting, and how can you use it for weight loss or weight gain
  • [25:00] The best part of intermittent fasting is that it is free, you don't have to buy a program or products
  • [25:45] What are the physiological benefits to fasting
  • [30:15] The term "breakfast", is breaking the fast in relation to intermittent fasting
  • [33:15] When you say that fasting helps with detoxing, how is this actually working
  • [35:45] What can break a fast
  • [37:30] What is an insulin response

  • [39:00] Can exercise increase blood sugar and break a fast
  • [40:00] Is there a benefit to doing a longer fast such as a couple of days
  • [42:15] Can your muscles atrophy while you are doing a longer fast
  • [43:15] Are athletes able to fast, or do they need more fuel than most people
  • [45:30] During a normal period of intermittent fasting, you are satiated. So now that you are trying to gain weight, are you forcing food into your body
  • [49:50] Who should not be fasting
  • [53:15] If you are intermittent fasting for weight loss, and you stall out, what should you do

Resources From This Episode

Some of these resources may contain affiliate links, which provides a small commission to me (at no extra expense to you).

  • Cynthia's TEDx Talk About Regulating Hormones- Watch Here
  • Cynthia's TEDx Talk About Intermittent Fasting- Watch Here
  • FAQ and More Info on Intermittent Fasting- Learn More

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Learn More About Cynthia Thurlow

Cynthia Thurlow teaches how to do intermittent fasting, how it is beneficial, and what can cause you to fall out of fasting

Cynthia Thurlow teaches how to do intermittent fasting, how it is beneficial, and what can cause you to fall out of fasting

About the author

Bryan Carroll CFMP, NTP, FAFS

Bryan Carroll is a certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and Movement Therapist who helps the outdoors community to reduce injuries and improve their health so they can get back to exploring nature. His big health crisis from mold exposure taught him the importance of finding the root causes to illnesses so you can take back control of your life. He is also the host of the Summit For Wellness Podcast.

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