Treating Lyme Disease

31- Treating Lyme Disease with Darin Ingels

By Bryan Carroll CFMP, NTP, FAFS

February 6, 2018

For those of you who spend time outdoors, one of the fears we run into is a tick bite. For a long time, this fear was more commonly found on the east coast where ticks are much more present. But with the changes of weather patterns, ticks are becoming more and more common even on the west coast.

So why are ticks such a big deal? Aren't they just a tiny little bug that burrows themselves into your skin until they are done feeding?

Ticks are a problem because they commonly carry a disease known as Lyme Disease. For a long time, we didn't have very efficient ways of treating Lyme Disease. In fact, the actual diagnosis process for Lyme has been very inaccurate, which means many cases of Lyme have gone on for far too long without proper diagnosis.

What are the symptoms of Lyme Disease?

The big problem with treating Lyme Disease is that the symptoms can prevent itself in many different ways, and it is a master at masking itself as something else. Unless you receive what is known as the “bulls-eye rash” from the initial bite, you can go a long time (even years) without knowing what is wrong with you.

Below are some signs and symptoms to look out for if you have been in contact with a tick, or suspect Lyme:

  1. Rashes- This is typically the bulls-eye rash that is found from a tick bite. If you do see this, take a picture to show the doctor, and get checked out immediately
  2. Fatigue- The initial symptoms of Lyme can mimic what you would experience with the flu. A very large percentage of people experience tiredness, exhaustion, or lack of energy.
  3. Achy, Stiff, or Swollen Joints- Many times Lyme causes inflammation within your body, which can elevate achy, stiff, or swollen joints.
  4. Night Sweats and Sleep Disruption- You may wake up with achy joints, or possibly have temperature fluctuations causing night sweats and other disruptions to your sleep.
  5. Cognitive Decline- You may notice that you have issues recalling memories, or maybe you struggle with concentrating. There are many different cases for cognitive decline that has been correlated with Lyme
  6. Headaches, Dizziness, Fever- More common flu symptoms that you may have when first contracting Lyme. Over 50% of cases report having flu-like symptoms.
  7. Sensitivity to Light and Vision Issues- Having a hard time in well-lit areas can be a sign that your body is trying to fight Lyme Disease.
  8. Heart Problems- Lyme Disease can enter the tissues of the heart, causing chest pains, heart palpitations, light-headedness, and shortness of breath

Where can Lyme Disease be found?

Lyme Disease has been found on every content in the world, except Antarctica. The most common way we know of to contract Lyme is via a tick bite, however there are theories that any bug that transmits blood can also spread Lyme (such as mosquitoes).

Not all ticks are infected though. Just because you may find one on your body, does not necessarily mean that you will have Lyme Disease. There are testing centers where you can send your tick to test for Lyme and other pathogens. You can find a few of these testing centers down in the shownotes.

Treating Lyme Disease

Dr. Darin Ingels ND is a practicing physician who has Lyme Disease himself. He has worked with many patients to help reduce overall symptomology of Lyme Disease, and has an upcoming book on his approach to treating Lyme Disease. Listen in to this episode to learn some steps on how to treat the disease.

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[2:15] Can you discuss your own struggles with Lyme Disease
[6:00] Do you think if you didn't have the stress of opening a clinic you would have been able to avoid the symptoms of Lyme disease
[7:10] Is the herbal protocol you used tailored to you, or was it more specifically tailored towards Lyme
[8:10] What is Lyme Disease, and what are some early symptoms
[11:00] What is the amount of time after receiving a tick bite can they transmit Lyme Disease
[12:45] Tick centers that test for Lyme also test for other pathogens
[13:00] Are ticks the only way to receive Lyme
[14:00] Why are ticks becoming more popular on the West Coast when they normally were only found on the East Coast
[16:50] Why were so many people misdiagnosed with other diseases when Lyme was the main cause
[22:15] Do those with suppressed immune systems who get bit by a tick with Lyme, then would the disease run wild within the body

[23:30] Does Lyme cause other autoimmune issues
[25:45] Can you completely remove Lyme from the body
[27:30] What is your treatment process for treating Lyme Disease
[33:50] Mold can have the exact same symptoms as Lyme Disease
[38:00] In Step 1 of the process, we want to make sure the GI Tract is functioning properly
[40:20] What are some symptoms to look out for in a disfunctioning GI Tract

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Dr Darin Ingels discusses ways to treat lyme disease
About the author

Bryan Carroll CFMP, NTP, FAFS

Bryan Carroll is a certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and Movement Therapist who helps the outdoors community to reduce injuries and improve their health so they can get back to exploring nature. His big health crisis from mold exposure taught him the importance of finding the root causes to illnesses so you can take back control of your life. He is also the host of the Summit For Wellness Podcast.

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  • I was diagnosed with Lyme disease 5 years ago and was taking Antibiotics and Nonsteroidal anti-Inflammatory drug which seemed to help. However, I still suffer from some of the symptoms. My symptoms have always been chronic fatigue, joint pain, and even neurological problems in controlling hand and leg movements. I am a 54 year old female. the Antibiotics wasn’t really working and I could not tolerate them for long due to severe side effects, so this year our family doctor started me on Natural Herbal Gardens Lyme disease Herbal mixture, We ordered their Lyme disease herbal treatment after reading alot of positive reviews, i am happy to report with the help of Natural Herbal Garden natural herbs I have been able to reverse my symptoms using herbs, my symptoms totally declined over a 8 weeks use of the Natural Herbal Gardens Lyme disease herbal mixture. My Lyme disease is totally reversed! This is a herbal store that will be leaving it’s footprint in this world. I’m 54 and have never been this healthier

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