Learn from Mario Tomic about ways to lean out and build muscle

149- Building Muscle and Getting Lean with Mario Tomic

By Bryan Carroll CFMP, NTP, FAFS

May 6, 2021

After the last year, many people found themselves without a place to exercise, and they watched many of their healthy habits disappear.

Now that things are slowly opening back up, I've been receiving a lot of questions about how to lean out and what can be done to build muscles after a year of being sedentary.

I brought on Mario Tomic to help guide us on good ways to get our health back, especially if we are busy with our careers and businesses.

What To Expect From This Episode

  • How the corporate work world sets people up for health consequences
  • Methods to improve fitness, nutrition, and overall health
  • Different ways to build muscle mass
  • How to get lean and stay lean


  • [0:00] Welcome to the Summit For Wellness Podcast
  • [1:30] How has having a computer science background helped Mario Tomic in the fitness industry
  • [7:15] Mario's experience in engineering is what gave him the idea that people in those industries need help with their health
  • [9:30] You can appear to have 'it all', but if you don't have your health, then you don't have much
  • [11:00] The environment you are in are a big factor for your health
  • [14:00] What is Mario's method to work on someone's overall health
  • [19:15] How does someone who is really busy with work find time for making health changes
  • [23:30] When you first start a lifting program, how much muscle can you build
  • [28:30] Age definitely makes it more difficult to build muscle, but you can still get a lot of gains
  • [33:00] What macronutrients should you change if you are trying to do a 'lean gain'
  • [35:30] What are Mario's thoughts on using wearables to track different measurements
  • [37:30] Which BMR formulas should be used to figure out how many calories someone is burning
  • [40:00] What would a training protocol to get down to 15% body fat look like
  • [42:30] Can you become too lean
  • [46:15] What is Mario Tomic's vision of health and what does he do to maintain that

Resources From This Episode

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Transcript For Episode (Transcripts aren't even close to 100% Accurate)

Learn More About Mario Tomic

Website: Tomic.com

Social Media: Youtube

Mario Tomic teaches how to build lean muscle

Mario Tomic teaches how to build lean muscle

About the author

Bryan Carroll CFMP, NTP, FAFS

Bryan Carroll is a certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and Movement Therapist who helps the outdoors community to reduce injuries and improve their health so they can get back to exploring nature. His big health crisis from mold exposure taught him the importance of finding the root causes to illnesses so you can take back control of your life. He is also the host of the Summit For Wellness Podcast.

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