Dr. Shane Creado shares ways to enhance our sleep to perform at our best.

147- How to Use Sleep to Enhance Your Performance with Dr. Shane Creado

Sleep is a fundamental aspect of our lives that I think most people would say is very inconvenient and reduces the amount of things we can get done in a day. However, this mindset can be setting us up for some future health issues, and drop in performance.

The majority of us are sleep deficient, and even in that state, we perform decently well. But imagine what life would be like if we focused more on sleep quality, and got enough sleep. Some studies show that our performance can increase 30-40% if we just had good sleep.

This is what Dr. Shane Creado and I discuss in this episode.

What To Expect From This Episode

  • What happens to your performance levels when you get inadequate sleep
  • Ways to increase deeper sleep
  • How to determine how many sleep cycles you need to enhance your performance
  • How athletes use sleep as a way to improve their game


  • [0:00] Welcome to the Summit For Wellness Podcast
  • [2:15] Dr. Shane Creado first got started in Physical Therapy
  • [5:00] How should we view our sleeping area
  • [7:45] What are some causes for why someone's sleep quality would be inadequate
  • [10:30] How do athletes get quality of sleep after a game when they are in pain or sore
  • [13:00] What happens to your performance with 1 bad night of sleep
  • [18:00] High schoolers are chronically sleep deprived, and it impacts their performance in a lot of ways
  • [20:00] How long does it take to recover from a poor night of sleep
  • [23:15] What are ways to stay on your same sleep schedule when you travel across time zones
  • [26:00] How can business people traveling across the country utilize sleep strategies to perform better at work
  • [27:30] Are there accurate ways to track sleep
  • [29:15] How do you determine how many sleep cycles do you need
  • [32:00] What are some other ways to fall back to sleep during the night
  • [35:00] Cristiano Ronaldo has 5 sleep cycles, that he spreads out during the day/night
  • [39:00] What are some visual ways to see what is happening within the brain with the lack of sleep
  • [43:30] Is it better to naturally wake up, or use an alarm clock
  • [45:45] What are some final thoughts on sleep and how to improve overall sleep quality

Resources From This Episode

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Dr. Shane Creado shares ways to improve your quality of sleep

Dr. Shane Creado shares ways to improve your quality of sleep

About the author

Bryan Carroll CFMP, NTP, FAFS

Bryan Carroll is a certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and Movement Therapist who helps the outdoors community to reduce injuries and improve their health so they can get back to exploring nature. His big health crisis from mold exposure taught him the importance of finding the root causes to illnesses so you can take back control of your life. He is also the host of the Summit For Wellness Podcast.

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